Wriggle and Roar!

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A wonderful rhyme book full of action and noise—guaranteed to make kids love poetry!
Whenever I’m tired of being me, I swing around like a chimpanzee. Are you tired of being you? Here’s a whole bookful of things you can do! There are rhymes to make you wriggle and giggle, shrug and sigh, snap like a crocodile and slither like a snake. Julia Donaldson’s verse jumps off the page and Nick Sharratt’s snazzy illustrations add to the fun. Do the actions! Make the noises! Audience participation is guaranteed!

MyGreatestChild’s Review

Would you rather crunch a snail, or gobble up a slug? An important question to know the answer to! Wriggle and Roar is an all-round rhyming feast! The short poems encourage action, song, and movement. They are perfect for engaging interest and understanding in alliteration, opposites, rhyme, animals, seasons, places and people. Colorful and approachable in illustration style. A good go-to for easy rhymes.

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Julia Donaldson, Nick Sharratt