When the Wind Stops

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Beloved author Charlotte Zolotow’s lyrical prose and Stefano Vitale’s rich illustrations make this classic picture book a beautiful celebration of the cycle of life.

Where does the wind go when it stops?

When a little boy asks this question at the end of a happy day, his mother explains that the wind does not stop-it blows away to make the trees dance somewhere else.

Reassuringly, she tells him that nothing ever ends, it simply begins in another place or in another way. Rain goes back into the clouds to create new storms, waves fold back upon the sea to become new waves, and the day moves on to make way for the night, bringing the darkness and stars for the little boy to dream in.

MyGreatestChild’s Review

Zolotow’s story features a loving, patient mother explaining the circle of life to her son, who is trying to understand why his perfect day must end. The story is sweet, but Stefano Vitale’s artwork is the real star here.

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Charlotte Zolotow, Stefano Vitale