The Way Back Home

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From the illustrator of the #1 smash hit The Day the Crayons Quit comes an imaginative tale of friendship in a world where what makes us different isn’t nearly as important as what makes us the same.

When a boy discovers a single-propeller airplane in his closet, he does what any young adventurer would do: He flies it into outer space! Millions of miles from Earth, the plane begins to sputter and quake, its fuel tank on empty. The boy executes a daring landing on the moon . . . but there’s no telling what kind of slimy, slithering, tentacled, fangtoothed monsters lurk in the darkness! (Plus, it’s dark and lonely out there.) Coincidentally, engine trouble has stranded a young Martian on the other side of the moon, and he’s just as frightened and alone. Martian, Earthling–it’s all the same when you’re in need of a friend.

MyGreatestChild’s Review

This book tells the story of a young boy who finds a plane, flies it to the moon and gets stuck. It explores many feelings such as the little boy feeling alone and afraid. A Martian also end up stuck on the moon also and they find each other and realize that they are not alone anymore. They work together to get home safely. In doing so they become friends and worry will they ever see each other again when they are ready to go home. The book explores the development of relationships and friendships and shows how although they are both from very separate worlds they were able to work together, depend on each other and become friends. This book had lovely simple illustrations and strongly complemented the story.

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Oliver Jeffers