The Very Busy Spider


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Early one morning a little spider spins her web on a fence post. One by one, the animals of the nearby farm try to distract her, yet the busy little spider keeps diligently at her work. When she is done, she is able to show everyone that not only is her creation quite beautiful, it is also quite useful!

This multi-sensory book allows children to feel the pictures as well as see them. And with its rhythmic text, The Very Busy Spider becomes an experience to touch, to see, and to hear.

MyGreatestChild’s Review

It is a great book for early readers. You can not only read it, but you can also feel it by touching the web. This simple story conveys lots of important information. It is a perfect introduction to learning about different kinds of animals and an opportunity to copy the sounds they make. The story begins one early morning when the spider starts to spin her web. Various animals such as the pig, the horse, the cat or the cow try to interrupt and invite her to join their typical activities, but she does not answer, spinning the web without any break. All these animals are always accompanied by a fly which is finally caught in the spider’s finished web. After such a busy day spider falls asleep.

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Eric Carle