The Tiny Seed

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In autumn, a strong wind blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the land. One by one, many of the seeds are lost — burned by the sun, fallen into the ocean, eaten by a bird. But some survive the long winter and, come spring, sprout into plants, facing new dangers — trampled by playing children, picked as a gift for a friend. Soon only the tiniest seed remains, growing into a giant flower and, when autumn returns, sending its own seeds into the wind to start the process over again.

MyGreatestChild’s Review

‘The Tiny Seed’ is a great book to read to young children aged 4-6. You can start a series of Science lessons by going through the book as a class first, which also ties in cross-curricular with Literacy. The short story by Eric Carle contains lots of facts regarding the life cycle of a plant. Children can visually see the growth of a seed, through the brilliantly, colorful illustrations which they can enjoy and appreciate, as it balances out the informative text.

The children can follow the steps of the cycle throughout the book as Carle creatively includes the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. There are questions which can create interaction amongst the children, in pairs, groups or in teacher-led activities. Excellent repetition is included to create meaning for the children’s learning, and it also allows children to join in the reading as they can anticipate what comes next.

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