Owl Babies


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This is the story of three baby owls who wake up one night in their hole in the tree to find that their mother has gone, so they sit on the branch and wait, wondering when she will return. At last, she does, and they all bounce up and down with joy, welcoming her home.

MyGreatestChild’s Review

This book is skilfully written which brings different emotions, such as anxiety to the surface. The author does this in such a way that even very young children can relate to these emotions. This book highlights the importance of the maternal role for young children. It further highlights feelings of unease and apprehension particularly when the mother owl is gone and we the readers are unsure when she will return. The story of owl babies also illustrates how the siblings support each other and the importance of these relationships. The illustrations in the book are simple but effective.

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Martin Waddell, Patrick Benson