Duck On A Bike


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One day down on the farm, Duck got a wild idea. “I bet I could ride a bike,” he thought. He waddled over to where the boy parked his bike, climbed on and began to ride. At first, he rode slowly and he wobbled a lot, but it was fun! Duck rode past Cow and waved to her. “Hello, Cow!” said Duck. “Moo,” said Cow. But what she thought was, “A duck on a bike? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen!”

And so Duck rides past sheep, horse, and all the other barnyard animals. Suddenly, a group of kids ride by on their bikes and run into the farmhouse, leaving the bikes outside. Now ALL the animals can ride bikes, just like Duck!

MyGreatestChild’s Review

David Shannon’s Duck on a Bike is hilarious. A duck on a farm is staring at a bike. “I bet I could ride a bike,” he thought. He was wobbly at first but eventually got pretty good. He kept driving by different animals on the farm. Some were jealous. Some told him to be careful. Some were impressed. Then, several kids came storming in on their bikes and parked them outside the house to visit. All of the animals then praised Duck for his awesome idea as all the farm animals started riding bikes.

The illustrations are beautiful. It is a fun book and will make a great read-aloud. Great for children from 3 onwards.

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